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twelve portraits/march

happy to say that the wheelchair has gone and he is walking again, the sun has been shinning a little more and theView full post »


The inspiration for this months portrait was pattern/rhythm/shape. we went to the woods together for the first time inView full post »

twelve portraits/january

last year i was part of a project with some american photographers called 26 fridays, this year we decided on a newView full post »

26 fridays/week 25/lights

my youngest who is never normally ill has had one virus after another and this last week we have all had it. so this hasView full post »

26 fridays, week 24, sky/clouds

we have had no clouds. in fact on some days it has been so grey it has seemed like there has been no sky at all. justView full post »

26 friday/week23/abstract/dreamscape/veiled

i love the themes that we have covered this year and i had high hopes for this one, but of course life has me busy doingView full post »


this side of winter the dark holds the excitement and anticipation of halloween, bonfire night, thanksgiving andView full post »


i have had to chose an old one for this, we have been having a lot of rain and when the sun has shone i’ve beenView full post »


“music is the shorthand of emotion”  Leo Tolstoy and this night was filled with Scarborough Fair…  View full post »

26 fridays/week 18/framing

having to catch up again with this post, as we were right in the middle of moving and i had no computer for a couple ofView full post »

26 fridays/week 17/the sea & the sky

 the sea and the sky soaking them into our skin, breathing them never wanting to wash them out of our hair  this is myView full post »

26 fridays/week 16/silence

Here and there a tawny brook prattled out from among the underwood and lost itself again in the ferns and brambles uponView full post »

26 Fridays/week 15/minimal

I am playing catch-up with this post as we were away in beautiful Wales on Friday Two weeks unplugged to see the rest ofView full post »

The Gratitude Project/August 2013

Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life. – Rumi. We are a group of photographersView full post »

26 fridays/week 14/midtones

West Wittering is our closest beach and we truly love it there. It is not wild or especially beautiful nor is itView full post »

smell the sea, and feel the sky

smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly. van morrisonView full post »

The gratitude project/July 2013

“The gratitude Project” is a group project that is shared at the beginning of each month. To see the wholeView full post »

26 fridays/week 13/from a different vantage

foxgloves make me happy for the the way they seem filled with fairytales, for their wildness and their audacious beautyView full post »

treehouse happiness

“Come boy, sit down. Sit down and rest.”  And the boy did. And the tree was happy. And the boy loved theView full post »

I Really, Really Want A Goat.

Yesterday I spent the day with my nephew at Bocketts Farm , and I want a goat, I really, really want a goat. I’veView full post »

The Gratitude Project/June 2013

A new site , my first post and a new and beautiful project. The Gratitude Project is a group of photographers sharingView full post »